CHRISTIAN HECKSCHER has been perfecting the art and technique of intricately etched designs on metal surfaces since 1971. LIFT DESIGN translates this traditional, hand-crafted fine-art into exquisite architectural elements for up-scale clients in hospitality, corporations, and private residences.

Heckscher's refined eye and appreciation for the organically formed patterns inherent in nature finds a canvas on a variety of multi-hued metal surfaces.   He brings a progressive sensibility to a 600 year-old art form, combining dynamic contemporary designs with functionality to provide an elegant distinction to elevator doors and entry ways, murals, ceilings, and other paneled installations. Every LIFT DESIGN commission is a one-of-a-kind work of art — conceived through a collaborative process with the client, then meticulously crafted and delivered with a subtly etched authentication by the artist. 

LIFT DESIGN's production team includes a hand-selected group of talented craftsmen, expertly fabricating the intricate metal detailing required in Heckscher's custom projects for over four decades. Praised and valued by architectural and design firms, their knowledge, experience, and professional reliability are fundamental to LIFT DESIGN's international reputation for quality craftsmanship.

LIFT DESIGN' s commissions are best suited for the avid collector or connoisseur, with an interest in functional art and the budget to support the time and materials required to produce it.